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Saturday 27th July 2019

10am till 4pm at Barleylands Farm Park, CM11 2UD

Welcome Aboard!

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** Save money on your entrance ticket - £5 on the day or £3.95 in advance via Visions International’s website (Click Here) **


For the 2019 rally we have again teamed up with Visions International to help host The Londoner in the Country. This follows on from our successful collaboration in 2018 and their very successful West Ham garage event in 2016.

Although we had our separate bus displays, together we attracted 101 buses & coaches (full list here) and around 1,200 visitors making us one of the largest bus events in the South East of England and an event that is now guaranteed to be on everyone’s calendar

Thank you to everyone that made the 2018 Essex Bus Rally so successful, whether it was a member of the rally staff team, the caterers, the traders, the bus owner/drivers or visitors. Take any one of you away and we have no Bus Rally

Colin Thorne, Essex Bus Rally organiser


We celebrated 40 years of the MCW Metrobus and Leyland Titan!!

 There were special displays that included M1 and T1 along with some of their surviving relatives

We also had the very first and very last “Borismasters” on dsiplay too!

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