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Sunday 12th July 2020

10am till 4pm at Barleylands Farm Park, CM11 2UD

For Families

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My aim is simple - I want Essex Bus Rally to be inclusive to all members of the family.

Too many bus rallies (and running days for that matter) only cater for the bus enthusiast. Enthusiasts are of course important and should not be ignored, but the event can only grow by attracting “new blood”.

So what have I done to make the event more attractive to the whole family?

Well for starters I’ve located the bus rally at Barleylands Farm Park, between Basildon and Billericay. Barleylands has an onsite small farm for the little ones and around 60 small craft business’s & boutiques which will certainly appeal to all ages and tastes. Its FREE entry to Barleylands - the only charge is for the small farm. Barleylands also have a miniature railway and tractor pulled trailer rides.

In addition to the onsite attractions, there’ll be a play bus, bouncy castle and more.

And as if there isn’t enough to do on site, the FREE bus service can take you into the bus station right in the centre of town. So if running days are more your thing, you can enjoy the buses coming & going at the bus station or simply just go for a FREE ride - mean time the rest of the family can enjoy all that’s on offer in Basildon town centre.

We’ll also be running FREE buses to Wickford town centre. The High Street there has a number of interesting small shops and pubs should you fancy taking a break between buses on the half hourly service.

I really hope the whole family will feel welcome and included in the day,
Colin Thorne, Essex Bus Rally organiser.

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